SASYALOKA (Botanical World)

Sasyaloka is a Botanical Garden inaugurated 09-10-2007 at Swarnavalli. Honourable Swamiji – Shri Shrimad Gangadharendra Saraswati Mahaswamiji – is the Chief Patron of the Sasyaloka. This is stared in collaboration with the Department of Forest, Sirsi.

The Sasyaloka is the result of Swamiji’s concern for natural environment. The object of Sasyaloka is preservation & propagation of plant diversity in this region as well as the rare plants in other habitats. This botanical world is developed in the hill slopes adjacent to the Shrimatha. It aims to popularize cultivation of medicinal plants by creating awareness regarding their significance among the people. The park is expected to be a leading botanical sanctuary in India when all the plants grow well. The garden is being raised in 15 hectares. The garden has fruit trees, rare plants of western ghats, a herbal garden, Raashi Vana & Nakshatra Vana (plant species connected with 12 zodiac signs & 27 stars), etc. Name plates are kept on all plants to help the people identify them easily. There will be Catchment Area Development Exhibition, Demonstration Plots, Herbs & Rare Plants Nursery, etc. along this. Already 10,000 plants of 225 varieties have been grown here. Efforts are underway to add more and more number of species.

Another object of Sasyaloka is to awaken and strengthen public consciousness regarding the preservation of environment. Every year plants are distributed among farmers, self-help groups and school children for afforestation. Also, conferences, workshops and seminars are organized on traditional medicines. Meetings of Traditional Village Ayurvedic Experts, Self-Help Groups (SHG) & Village Forest Committees (VFC) are organized to awaken eco-consciousness.

To organise all these activities of the Sasyaloka well-experienced expert committee and action group have been formed with Conservator of Forests of Canara Circle and DCF of Sirsi as Honorary Members .

Sri Vidwan Nagendra Bhat Hittlalli, Prof. Keshav Hegde Kurse, Dr. Lakshminarayan, Dr.Vasudev, Prof.Subhaschandran, Dr.G.V.Hegde, Prof. Dayananda Bhat, Shri Nirnalli Seetaram and Hulekal RFO are its members.

Sri Anant Hegde Ashisar is the convenor and Shri Mahabaleshwar Gummani is the joint convener.

Sasyaloka Future Prospects
In the days to come ‘Sasyaloka’ is planning to implement many projects based on available and expected external support & resources. The following tasks will be carried out in stages. Your generous contributions and co-operation are requested for the success of these programmes.

Some Prominent Plans Undertaken
1. Construction of Green houses for plant nursery & preservation of rare plants.
2. Installation of Drip Irrigation System to cover all the plants.
3. Building a small Training House with Library.
4. Publication of booklets regarding importance of bio-diversity.
5. Extension of Nursery to distribute saplings freely to the public and to monitor the public participation.
6. Cultivation of rare plants in different parts of India.
7. Dissemination of Information regarding Water Conservation, Home Medicines, Preservation of Herbs and many more.
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