Jagruta Vedike

Shrimatha is surrounded by a number of temples, tanks, forts, etc. of historical as well as religious importance and spots of scenic beauty attracting tourists. Some of them could be listed as follows.
• Sode Shri Vadirajamatha
• The Jain Matha
• Gaddige Mane (or Matha)
• A number of Hindu temples of architectural value viz. Shri Shankara-Narayana Temple of Haleyur, Shri Venkataramana Temple of Hunasehonda and Shri Venkataramana Temple of Muttinakere
• Sahasra Linga, where a number of carvings of Shivalinga and Vrishabha are found on the hillock like big stones, in the course of the river Shalmala
• Sode Kote (Fort), etc.
As elsewhere in India, these places, symbolizing our rich culture and heritage, are in the process of slow, but sure, decay, due to the negligence of the governments as well as the people. The Jagrita Vedike is a registered body, which has taken up the task of providing protection to these places and also educating the public regarding our eternal culture, depicted by these sacred institutions. It has also taken up the mammoth task of renovating some of these temples with the help of the governments as well as private orgnizations. Already, Shri Shankara-Narayana Temple of Haleyur is renovated with the help of Shri Dharmasthala Dharmothana Trust at a cost of Rs. 8 lakhs.
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